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“Ten Things” To Have on Your To-Do List This Christmas Break!


Merry Christmas to our CFMU readers and Listeners! Here are 10 things to have on your To-Do List this Christmas Break!

  1. Sleep: For students or people who have been working long hours, this is the best time to catch up on the sleep you have missed! We all know how many sleepless nights we have had due to heavy work load, now is the time to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night of the Christmas break. Well almost every night. Sleep is very essential!



2. Movie Night: Have at least two movie nights with your friends and your family, it is also a form of relaxing the body and catch up on missed TV shows and movies. Don’t forget to watch the “70’s show”, it’s a nice


3. Go Snowboarding: You know we have been waiting for this time of the year to have some cold air. This is a good way of stretching the muscles and have some fun.


4. Go to the Gym/ Work out: If your new year’s resolution is going to the gym or doing more work outs, this is a good way to start. You can get into the habit of working out now before the new year. Yes, you better work those muscles!


5. Family Time: Spend quality time with your family and friends. Catch up on your lives, experiences and stories. Remember, family time is quality time. *Wink*


6. Start/Update your Journal: Write this year’s accomplishments and be grateful. What were you proud of last year? What will you like to change this coming year? What do you want to do this new year? What do you love about yourself? Put it all in writing. Remember, journalling is a form of communicating with oneself.


7. Clean Your Room: We can all relate to how stress can make us lazy! This is the best time to get it over with. The feeling of sleeping in a clean room again makes me excited. Grab that vacuum cleaner, grab your laundry and get to work!


8. Volunteer during the Break: A little bit of charity won’t hurt. Donate, give some money, food, help others. Share the love, it’s Christmas. Remember, sharing is caring.


9. Take yourself on a date/Learn a new Recipe: Even if you are not a foodie, you deserve a nice meal this Christmas. Why don’t you go out, maybe take yourself on a date. If not, learn a new recipe. Cooking and baking are forms of therapy where you get your hands busy but serve as a way to calm the body. tumblr_mzjjzcpMQf1tq4of6o1_250.gif

10. Relax: Yes relax, however you relax, just do it.Read a book, rest, less thinking, get a massage, squeeze a stress ball, meditate, listen to music; just make sure you relax during this break. Don’t forget, when all else fails, just take a bubble bath!


Have a lovely Christmas, from CFMU Family to yours!

Written By: Tumi Adegoroye


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