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CFMU’s Tips To Tackling The Winter Semester

It’s about that time again, when its cold, chilly and you don’t feel the need to take off that comfortable blanket. Well, here are some tips to tackle this long winter semester.

  1. Always Sleep Early: Sleeping early leads to waking up early feeling refreshed and ready for the day. It is definitely difficult to sleep late and wake up early, if you have those winter classes, this is one advise to take serious; well all know how uncomfortable it gets to get yourself up after a just a few hours of sleep. You know what they say, early to bed, early to rise.pexels-photo-46100.jpeg

2.   Stay Physically Active: People hardly go for jogs outside during winter, but some walking does not sound bad at all. Instead of taking the elevator, the stairs sounds like a good way to burn some fat.

3.   Plan your Time/Goals: We are still in the new year, therefore we still have the chance to change, adjust and plan a few things. Its is always best to write down and plan your schedule as well as goals for this winter and this year.  When you have it planned, it makes it easier to achieve such goals.pexels-photo-58457.jpeg

4.   Be Socially Active: Research has shown that during winter, students tends to have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It is a type of anxiety or mood swing we call the “winter blues”. To avoid feeling down every day of the week, stay socially active. Although it can be tough balancing school, work, family and social life together, but you can simply join school clubs or attend meetings, socials and make your school life lit!

5.   Eat Healthy & Take Your Vitamins: All vitamins are essential for you during winter, but focus on Vitamin A,C & D. Try eating healthy during this period, it does not mean you should not have some junk food once in a blue moon. A healthy diet is a important. You can also try getting some sunlight (whenever the sun is out). Vitamin D helps improve and prevent depression, so go have your Vitamin D and lighten up you mood!vegetables-food-red-pepper-red-53512.jpeg

6.   Have Me Time: Classes, volunteering, work, family and we usually forget to take care of ourselves. During the winter semester, it will be nice to take care of yourself, have some “me” time. Cook for yourself, order in some food, watch a movie, get a manicure, just have time yourself, if you don’t who will?person-woman-apple-hotel.jpg

7.  Appreciate Your Situation: “Ugh, It’s Snowing already”, “I keep slipping all over campus”,  “Campus is so full”, yati yati yata… Why don’t we just take some time to accept your situation, sometimes just appreciate how beautiful campus looks today, how nice the snow feels, how interesting class was. The more one is optimistic, the better the situation feels.

8. Get a Solid Winter Boot & Coat: Get yourself a very warm winter jacket as February, the coldest month of the year is already here. As more snow storms approach, invest in good winter boots as well; remember the best style in winter is warmth!


Here’s a brief audio about “Tackling The Winter Semester” by Sasha & Tumi

Written By Tumi Adegoroye


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