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Terry Fallis Talks being A Canadian Writer & A McMaster Alumnus


Terry Fallis is a Canadian writer who has five bestselling novels including his book, “The Best Laid Plans”, which is now part of CBC series.  Terry Fallis was one of the successful and influential students who graduated from McMaster University in 1983. Not only is Terry a McMaster Alumnus with a degree engineering, he is also a public relations consultant.

A few days ago, Tumi Adegoroye spoke to Terry Fallis for an insightful interview at CFMU studio. He talked about his journey as a McMaster student and being the MSU president when he was at MAC.

Terry talked about the fact that he always loved writing since a very young age and decided to take it up after graduating school. The successful writer touched on his accomplishments as a writer, as well as his fifth book, “Poles Apart”. He explained what sparked the idea of this novel, which is about feminism and the significance of the theme. Aurelia Shaw also organized a free public talk at McMaster University on March 4th, where Terry gave a public talk about feminism and his book, “Poles Apart”.

With his impressive experience in provincial politics and also working as a communications consultant, Terry explained that the transition to being a writer was not tough, as he loves what he does, it is simply an enjoyable experience. Terry also records his book readings which are available on Itunes.

Terry is living in Toronto with his wife, which he met at McMaster Univeristy and his two children. He is working on his new book, “One Brother Shy” which will be published in May 2017.

Listen to the Full Interview with Terry Fallis

Written By: Tumi Adegoroye

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