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Celebrate International Women’s Day With Hamilton Musicians


Today is International Women’s Day! We’re celebrating by listening to all of our favourite female musicians. Women in the music industry are a powerful tool to helping understand the struggles women specifically face, and we couldn’t think of a better way to thank them for sharing their stories than highlighting some of the best tunes from #HamOnt.

Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks

Anne Sulikowsk uses guitars, loops, synths and other technology to create awesome, unique and sonic sounds. She once had a show with us here at CFMU, and we’re so excited she shares her passion for electronic production. Check out her track “Even the Romans Fell.

Chrisy Hurn

The smooth vocals behind Basement Revolver, Chrisy can be caught all over the city playing beautiful emotionally charged tracks. Her vulnerability is inspiring. My favourite tune is “Johnny.”

Diana Panton

Jazz superstar has released 6 critically acclaimed albums and won a variety of awards including Hamilton Music Awards and a JUNO! Aside from being incredibly talented, she is also extremely kind and humble. My favourite song of hers is “Fly Me to the Moon.”

Dirty Jeans

These ladies hit the scene in a totally awesome way with their all girls band comprised of Ashley Sloggett, Kelly Boag, and Lindsay Bird. They’ve created a high energy hybrid of 90’s garage and 70’s punk. Check out their track “Sucker Punch” to hear it for yourself.

Emma VanDyk

Emma is hitting the scene quickly with her success making it to round 2 on CBC Searchlight and representing women in Hamilton! She is extremely passionate and her music radiates honesty. Check out her latest single “Souvenirs.”

Ginger St. James

She’s sassy and fun and one of the best rockabilly singers we know! Ginger is commanding, powerful and she’s been writing music as well as telling jokes since she was 3 years old. Check out her song “Country Bumpkin’.”

Jennifer Budd

Jennifer is such a brilliant woman with an incredibly strong voice. Her music and lust for life give off a one-of-a-kind energy and her undeniable intelligence for the industry is one of the many reasons her tunes have taken flight so quickly. Go catch her around town or listen to one of my favourite tunes, “Church.”

Jessy Lanza

One of Hamilton’s most talented electronic songwriters is someone we couldn’t miss on this list. Her voice and original production puts us in awe with every release she has. We love seeing her empowering female DJs effortlessly and my recommended track is “I Talk BB.”

Laura Cole

Laura is a rock and soul artist with passionate lyrics and vocal harmonies in every track. She’s quickly emerging with her raspy voice and empowering image. If you haven’t had a listen to “Dirty Cheat” yet you need to go check it out! We’re so lucky to have Laura in our community with her raw, gritty and wildly infectious music.


Hip hop artist Galyn Esmé. She combines singing and rapping with extreme talent and ease. She’s an educator and complete powerhouse bringing more female encouragement to the hip hop world for women to share their stories. Check out the track “Walk Away” to hear her talent for yourself!

Piper Hayes

We couldn’t keep her latest release, Goodbye Mister Nice Guy off our charts. Piper is living proof that whatever hardships you go through, there is enough joy within you to let go of the past and be your own hero. She is an inspiration and speaks so honestly in her music. Have a listen to the track “You’re Gone.”

Terra Lightfoot

Hamilton powerhouse Terra Lightfoot draws from rock, soul and blues to create her edgy and unique sound. Terra is active in every hub of Hamilton’s arts scene and can be caught at completely unique shows ranging from McMaster’s LIVELab last year to collaborations with the National Academy Orchestra of Canada. Her new live album is charting with us right now, check out the track “Lily’s Fair.”

Hamilton is filled with incredibly talented women. We’ve decided to feature not only our favourite local gals but also give a shout out the ones hitting our charts this week. On the charts this week we’re lucky to be featuring a few female favourites. We have Courage My Love, Kara Golemba, Katie Bulley, Elle Exxe, and Lonely Parade. Grab your favourite streaming device or tune into 93.3 all week long to hear talented up-and-coming artists over the airwaves. Happy day to the women in our life and feel free to share your favourite girl power tracks with us in the comments.

Written by Rachel Connell

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