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Afrofest 2017: “Dumsor Lights out!” By Mac Africans



MacAfricans is a McMaster community organization for individuals who are interested in Africa, people from Africa and those who feel connected to Africa and African culture. Their goal is to educate people on African culture and what is going on in Africa, as well as to entertain individuals through informative shows.

Afrofest is an annual show which is usually organized by the MacAfricans. The show consists of Dancing, singing, modelling, acting and several other performances which portrays African culture.

Earlier this week, the co-organizers of Afrofest, Loretta Okwudili and Kewe Ogbaran sat down for an interview Tumi Adegoroye at CFMU studio. The two organizers did explain what their audience members should expect from Afrofest 2017, as this year’s show will be one of the best performances by MacAfricans.

Loretta and Kewe both shed some light on the show’s theme called, “DUMSOR”, a Ghanaian name which means “Off & On”. This theme also focuses on family and how a modern African family deals with marriage outside an African home. Did I mention, there is also an after party after the show (which the ticket covers). So, get your African/ Oscar dresses and suit up for Afrofest. Don’t forget your dancing shoes too!

Afrofest is on March 25th, the doors open at 5:30 pm. The price for regular tickets are $40 and are being sold on their website. For more information about this event, visit their Facebook page.

Full Interview with MacAfricans

Written By: Tumi Adegoroye



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