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Talking with Hack the City Founder, Daniel D’Souza

Into competitions? Want the potential to make an impact and develop something innovative for a huge city? Hack the City is right up your alley.


Hack the City provides students with the opportunity to create the future of three different industries in the greater Hamilton area. These industries include health, transportation and energy.

But how exactly does this all work? Hack the City involves a large-scale case competition in downtown Hamilton. The process is pretty easy itself too. Once applications go out in October, you can apply and become selected for interviews. Acceptance offers go on in December and then opening ceremonies begin in January! Here, delegates are placed into small interdisciplinary teams in which they will have over one month to develop a strategy to one of the three city-wide topics. Once this is all completed, the final competition will occur. This happens over the span of one day in downtown Hamilton and this year’s occurred on March 4th!

Before you get sad that the competition is now over, I have some good news for you. We had the founder, Daniel D’Souza on the MorningFile this week to tell us more about it and he hinted that they’re going to try to run the competition again for next year! Be sure to check out our full interview below to learn more about Hack the City and how it all began in the first place!

Written By: Mark Gonzalez

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