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Get a Taste of Africa with The Ghana School of Dreams!

The Ghana School of Dreams is a Canadian based organization that is dedicated towards renovating and even building schools in Ghana. Through a partnership with the Ghana government, this organization is able to provide students with more sustainable resources that positively impact their educational journey and allows them to fully participate in the worldwide community.

This all began when founder, Dora Anie, traveled with her children to Mepom, Ghana. This area is where Dora was born and raised herself, and after seeing the conditions of some of the schools and nurseries, she knew she had to step in and do something. So, she successfully created an educational space for the youngest children of that village. Once she returned back to Hamilton, Dora still felt the need to continue her work and support the children in Mepom. After sharing her story and journey with other people, she was able to create an enthusiastic board of directors and form the organization we know today.

Currently, Ghana School of Dreams has successfully constructed a new building in Mepom and have supported children in various ways. From construction of a nursery and kitchen to helping construct classrooms, the organizations efforts are definitely impactful. This week, we had Dora’s daughter, Ann-Marie Anie on the show to tell us a bit more about the organization and her involvement with Ghana School of Dreams. In addition, Ann-Marie told us a lot more about a very fun event coming up in the city, Taste of Africa. This is the fifth time this annual event is running and they’re inviting you all to check it out. There’s going to be great food, a keynote speaker, music performances, prizes and much more.


To find out more about the event, be sure to check out our full interview below. To learn more about Ghana School of Dreams or get in contact with them, click here.

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