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Pizza and Brownies for Dogs? Yes, You Read That Properly!

Attention all dog owners! Have you ever heard of Harley’s Haven Dog Bakery? If not, you definitely want to check this out… harley.PNGLocated on 592 Upper James Street North (2 blocks north of Fennel @ Brucedale) is this brand new dog bakery with the COOLEST types of dog treats. Does your dog ever look at you eating that slice of pizza and wish they could have a bite? Well, now you can buy them their very own slice!

Harley’s Haven Dog Bakery makes amazing, healthy treats that contain no preservatives, chemicals, salt, or refined sugar. All of the ingredients are unprocessed and there are also gluten-free and vegan options available as well! The best part about this place is that you can shop for almost any type of dessert too. Buy your furry friend a cupcake, biscotti, or even a donut! And it doesn’t end there – you can customize each treat as well and even submit an order online.

Mark had the opportunity to meet with Ashlee, the co-owner of Harley’s Haven Dog Bakery, to learn about how this place was started and all the different types of treats they offer. Check out the soundclip below to listen. Also, be sure to check out their Twitter and Facebook page for more information.


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